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About us

From organised crime to international terror and the prevention of cybercrime. Since RCS started operating in 1993, security-related requirements have continued to grow. The inception and evolution of new technologies has created new forms of communication and social interaction, resulting in new types of criminality and more effective tools for the commission of crime. Ever since our incorporation, our activities alongside law enforcement agencies have allowed us to keep track of these changes and address them with constantly updated solutions.





The value of investing in monitoring technology

The people who fight the most diverse forms of criminality day after day know that security is a core value with multiple facets ranging from moral considerations to operative and economic needs. That’s why investing in monitoring technology is ever more important to reduce the risk and cost of investigative work with constantly updated tools, able to face threats to the core values of our society.


Cooperative Mindset

RCS solutions were developed on the basis of close collaboration with operational units. This type of direct relationship, coupled with the ability to reconcile service requirements within budget constraints, has allowed us to achieve a role of privileged partnerships with our long standing customers. Collaboration, competence and service completion makes the difference between a vendor and a reliable partner.

Growing together

Customer satisfaction goes beyond the development and implementation of solution: we fully support our clients with a cooperative mindset, fostering a continuous improvement approach, where evolutionary maintenance is a fundamental pillar of the support process itself.

RCS: About us

ethical code and business behaviour

RCS‘s Code of Ethics defines the Company’s business behavior and the commitments and responsibilities of its Collaborators.

gdpr regulation

RCS ensures compliance with the regulations regarding the security of the processing of personal data.

security of the processing of sensitive data

Italian Data Protection Authority provision on security measures in lawful interception activities by the Public Prosecutor's Office – 18 July 2018
The measures prescribed to the holders of electronic processing about the assignments of the functions of system administrator - 27 November 2008 as amended by the provision of 25 June 2009.
D.lgs 196/03 “Codice Privacy” amended by d.lgs 10 August 2018, n. 101

etsi membership

RCS is an active member of ETSI committee.
Our team takes part in the analysis of new telecommunication technology developments and LI standards designing and have immediate insight into regulatory matters and direct access to the latest ETSI procedures.

Quality, Environment and Information Security policy

iso certification

RCS adopts the Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Safety, described in its manual of Quality and Safety.
RCS is certified
ISO 9001:2026 - Quality Management System
ISO 14001:2026 – Environmental Management System
ISO 27001:2025 - Information Security Management System.

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